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Learning Chinese is not just about studying Chinese books, doing homework or memorizing vocabulary. Studying Mandarin is also about having fun. Go ahead and use all the features you can on our website and study Chinese for free with LTL.

If you are interested in a course with LTL Mandarin School we have a whole host of options suited and tailored to your needs. We provide full time Chinese courses in Beijing and also in Shanghai. If you are after a more immersive experience then it’s worth checking out our Chinese immersion programs in Chengde.

We also provide courses for full time workers who want to study Chinese part time. We offer part time Chinese courses in Shanghai and Beijing.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the learning materials on this page or our Chinese courses, please email us using the contact button above.

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    It is important to find your own methods for learning Mandarin rather than reading books over and over again and seeing no end reward. Our free e-book covers ten expert Mandarin speakers and their advice to get your Chinese ahead fast.

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    Our LTL China blog is something are very proud of, and very excited about growing. We provide regular weekly content covering all aspects of China, life at LTL and many other hot seasonal topics from our great team of bloggers.

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